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Copper Tube

 AC pipes are available in various sizes and brands like hoda, Tateyama, artic, plain and others. For the latest updates ac pipe prices mum contact Jakarta, for the moment we do not list the price of copper pipes may be another time. A lot of sellers ac copper pipe in Jakarta warehouse in Glodok, West Jakarta, and Tangerang Independent Business Partners who have long played plumbing ready to brave fighting fellow prices of other suppliers. Functionality and usability of the copper pipe is a pipe that is often used in the installation of water / fluid either cold or hot fluid, for example, is for the application of the HVAC system.
Copper pipe is a pipe in the form of a long straight and 5.8 mtr. Widely used for:
1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (AC and refrigerator Cooling)
2. Plumbing Installation. (Piping hot and cold water)
3. Medical Gas and Vacuum (CO2-Nitrogen - Oxigen)
4. Fire sprinklers
5. Industrial materials

Today, with the implementation of the rules on the use of the new refrigerant Freon air conditioning formerly the R22 will be replaced with Freon R 32. The pressure on Freon R22 is usually 80psi, but with Freon R32 standard pressure is 150 psi. This pressure difference would affect Pipes used. Whereas in the past simply by piping it to the current standards when used Freon is Freon R32, the pipe used must be thicker, ie min 0.6mm or commercially useable Pipe Inverter. Here is the size of pipe used in the field: Pipe set size 1/4 + 3/8 for the air conditioning capacity (0.5 - 1 pk) Pipe set size 1/4 + 1/2 for the air conditioning capacity (1.5 - 2 pk) Pipe set size 1 / 4 + 5/8 for the air conditioning capacity (2 - 2.5 hp) Pipeline set 3/8 + 5/8 for the AC capacity (3-4 pk) Pipe set 3/8 + 3/4 for the air conditioning capacity (4 - 5 pk) Pipe size 1/2 + 3/4 set for AC capacity (5-6 pk)

Copper pipes have 2 levels of violence, namely Hard Drawn and Half Hard Drawn with applications that are highly dependent on the desired standard pipe. For pipes with Hard violence, it is recommended to use the copper fittings to connect pipes. Copper pipes that are sold there mum copper pipes and plumbing ac roll bars for the price and the size must be different. MUM contact Interests Tangerang best distributor of copper pipe
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