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Fiber Optic Hdpe Pipes
Fiber Optic Hdpe Pipes
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Pipe or known Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Orange HDPE Pipe blue stripe sizes of 40 / 34mm, HDPE pipe is used to protect the fiber optic cable (FO) in the ground (underground). Fiber Optic pipe is a pipe made of pure glass that is long and thin and the diameter of a human hair. And in its use multiple fiber optic put together in a place called optical cables and used to deliver digital data in the form of light in a very far distance. The function of the pipe that is as a means to deliver a fluid material liquid, gas or vapor from one place to particular taking into account the effect, the temperature and pressure of the fluid delivered, the location and the influence of the surrounding environment. In addition to the above functions of certain types of pipes can also be used as the construction of buildings, warehouses and others.

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