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Sell ​Wavin Pipes & Pipe Ppr Hot & Cold Water

Specification of ​Wavin Pipes & Pipe Ppr Hot & Cold Water

Wavin Tigris Green Made From Polypropylenerandom Type 3, Which Is A Material Propylene Random Copolymer With The Abbreviated Pp-Fl Type 3 Or Pp-R 80. Products Are Designed To Drain Hot And Cold Pressure. By Area Of ​​Study Products. For Apllikasinya, Pipe Wavin Tigris Greentersedia In Different Class Pressure And Temperature With Wall Thickness Variation Fit Its Use. Connection System Used By Wavin Tigris Green Is A Heat Fusion Splicing Systems Using Heating Equipment. This Connection To The System. Results Splicing Being Bound Secured So Strength (Equal Strength Pipe), Anti-Leakage And Free Maintenance And Age Usage Up 50 Years.

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