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Sell Ppr pipe Wavin Tigris Green

Specification of Ppr pipe Wavin Tigris Green

PPR wavin tigris gren to use clean water line installation project with a hot or cold temperatures. For ppr pipe prices cheap wavin can be found in the center of Tangerang MUM best distributor in Jakarta immediate retrieval of the factory in Bekasi, West Java. PPR is short for Random Polypropylene. PPR is a sterile plastic pipe Polypropilene heat resistant and leak-proof. Pipes and fittings splicing system ppr wavin green tiggris MUMbersenyawa in seconds and is very strong. Hold up to 100 years. PPR pipe is a pipe sterile that will provide several advantages, among others: No rust, does not occur crusting on the inside wall of the pipe because the inner walls of the pipe is very slippery (0, 007 mm), meets the standards for the installation of heating potable water (Drinking Water ), the process system is very easy, quick and takes only about 10% of the time required for the installation of metal pipes, pipe joints results for compounds with fittings that will not leak, the overall fee will be cheaper. If you are interested in hot and cold water pipes please contact us back. Okee

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