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Sell Toro Ppr Pipe

Specification of Toro Ppr Pipe

Selling Pipes Ppr Atp Toro Dealer We Are Very Price Competitive. Made of Polypropylne Random Type 3 (Pp-R Type 3) that Had Proven sterile and Nature as well as the test Passes Iso 9001: 2000 and Din 8077-8088 And Din 16962.
Advantages of Pipes Ppr/Atp Toro 25 Adalah:
-No Rusty
-Movement Does Not Occur On The Walls Of The Dalampipa Because The Walls Of The Inside Of The Pipe Is Very Slippery.
-Meet The Standard For The Installation Of Water Ready To Drink (Drinking Water).
-Cost-Free Treatment
-Results Of The Connection Pipe Compound With Fitting, So There Will Be Leaks.
-Have a Minimum Lifespan of 50 years
-Hot Water Installation Need Not Be In Isolation
-Resistant To High Temperatures And Pressures
-Have Good Durability Against Chemical
Impact-Resistant Against Hard Objects & Not To Break Easily Like Other Plastic Pipes.
Overall Costs Will Be Cheaper.

Pipes Of This Type Is Highly Recommended For Multi-storey Building Such An Application; Apartments, Hospitals, Hotels, Office Buildings, Factories, Etc.

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