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Sell HDPE Pipe Wavin

Specification of HDPE Pipe Wavin

HDPE pipe wavin wavin known as black is widely used contractors for competitive price and good quality. Wavin pipe is limited to a diameter of 630mm (24 "), with the pn 16 to pn 6.3.
Wavin black is a reliable piping system with special characteristics and suitable for drinking water applications because it is made daripolyethylene pressure (pe). The material has a low degree of cracking, high impact resistance and high elasticity so it has a life time of more than 50 years. In general, the pipe material is comprised of two (2) types: Pe 80 (design stress 6.3 MPA) and pe 100 (design stress 8 MPA). Wavin black pipe provided in the form of bars and coils (coil), thus simplifying the process of transportation and installation.

- Flexible and highly flexible power so it is suitable for use in the hill areas, prone to earthquakes and swamp-2
- Resistant to cracking and chemicals.
- Lightweight, making it easier to transport and install
- Rustproof, resistant to low temperatures, abrasion and sedimentation.
- Resistant to all weather.
- Long-term use with a life time of more than 50 years.
- International quality that has been tested and guaranteed.
We also provide fitting and connecting pipe machine HDPE, full stock availability into our advantage.

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