HDPE Pipe Fittings and Pipe Rucika Vinilon

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HDPE Pipes

Specification of HDPE Pipe Fittings and Pipe Rucika Vinilon

We are distributors sell hdpe pipes especially vinilon / wavin that serve pemensanan in Indonesia and of course cheap price with quality standards factory. (Price vinilon hdpe pipe, wavin)

For this type of hdpe pipes consist of a Pipe Hdpe Wavin, Vinilon, Cheap Price pralon accordance Type Size and Function

HDPE pipes PE 100 SDR 11 PN 16 for Pressure 16 Bar

HDPE pipes PE 100 SDR 12, 6 PN 12, 5 To 12, 5 Bar Pressure

HDPE pipes PE 100 SDR 17 PN 10 To 10 Bar Pressure

HDPE pipes PE 100 SDR 21 PN 8 To 8 Bar Pressure

Pipe HDPE Rucika The Rucika BLACK Very Widely Used/Manfaatnya Contractors Because The Price Is Competitive And The Quality Is Good. Wavin pipes is limited To a Diameter 630Mm (24 "), with PN 16 To PN 6,3.

Rucika BLACK A Reliable Piping Systems With Special Characteristics And Is Suitable For The Application Of Pressurized Drinking Water Because It Is Made From Polyethylene (PE). Their material Has a low level of Cracks, High Impact Resistance And High Elasticity so it has a Life Time of more than 50 years. In General, This Pipe Material consists of two (2) types: PE 80 (Design Stress 6.3 Mpa) and PE 100 (Design Stress 8 MPA). Rucika BLACK Pipe Is Available In The Form Of Bullion And Rolls (Coil), And Thus Make It Easier In The Process Of Transportation And Installation.

HDPE Pipes Are Used For:

  1. Water Pipes

  2. Gas Pipeline

  3. Plumbing Chemicals

  4. Dirty Water Pipe

  5. Biogas Pipes

  6. Other Applications Outside The Pipe Function.

The Pipeline Is A Tube Used To Deliver Water/Gas/Other Substances From Atu Place To Another. As A Media Introduction To Plumbing Will Be Affected By The Pressure In The Pipes As Well As Pressure From The Outside Of The Pipe. Beside That, Subject To The Type Of Fluid/Gas Through It. Advantages Of HDPE Pipes Are Resistant To Corrosion (Stainless). Because HDPE Pipes Made Of Plastic.

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