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14 Jun 2021
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PVC Pipe

Specification of Know the Types of PVC Pipe

For simple plumbing needs, types of PVC pipe and often the solution of choice. Only, the popularity of this type of pipe made ​​of PVC pipe many variations on the market. Like what kind of pipe it? Following them.

In the world of piping channels, known types of PVC pipe with a character that knows no rust. The material is simple to make this type of pipe is also often chosen because of its "relatively" cheaper than other types of pipe.

In Indonesia, the type of PVC pipe itself has been produced by many companies, one of which PT Wavin Duta Jaya. And in the appeal other types of pipe, PVC pipe Wavin has var

iasi more. Among types Standard Wavin, Wavin Lite, Safe & Lock Wavin, Wavin Apollo Rucika and latest.

As the name suggests, this type of Wavin pipe will not just have the same raw materials but also different character, function and use. Some PVC products have different characteristics from one another. Such as the Standard and Rucika Wavin pipe. Despite having both standard JIS, both produced with a character different from one another. In this case Rucika have thicker pipe character.

In addition, some PVC pipe too much is manufactured using ISO standard. Wavin PVC pipe products including Apollo, and Wavin Safe & Lok.

In addition in terms of characteristics, PVC pipes are often made ​​based on the use, in this case The power level under pressure. Some Standard PVC pipes manufactured in two variations, namely to tekanak 5 and 10 bar. While certain types created for the excess pressure up to 16 bar, for products such as PVC pipe "Wavin Apollo".

But not all types of PVC pipe with a character created capable of being used for pressurized water lines. As Wavin Lite, this type of PVC pipe commonly used for waste disposal. And his character is only able to drain the water without pressure.

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