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Fiber Optic Cables
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Fiber Optic Cables

Function Fiber optic cable is a conduit installation of fiber optic cable prices (fiber optic) cable or fiber is worth the time in a state asset premium. direct the light waves in one direction through the process of light refraction. actual fiber optic cable will transmit light waves from a physical point of another by capturing light in the cable and reflect back into every time he tried to escape. This makes fiber optic cable as a prism in which the light waves will not be able to escape and the only place to go for a light wave is on the tip of the fiber optic cable. How buddy confused what is still confused with the function of fiber optic cable .. ?? if still confused means the same as saya..wkwkwkw ..
For more details about the workings of an optical fiber or fiber optic you can observe a general overview of fiber optic transmission systems below. :

In optical fiber communication, signals are normally in use is a digital form, whereas the signal distribution through the optical fiber is in the form of light pulses. Will light pulses obtained from the modulating signal information in digital form into an optical source components. This process occurs in the send direction and the direction received by the optical detector, the light pulse is converted back in the form of a digital signal.

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