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Invideck Roof Wave
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Invideck is trimdek wave upvc roofing solutions developed for the next generation of residential and industrial needs. Using basic materials upvc, invideck have 3 times more effective than other commercial roof for three different layers profitable. Invideck is upvc roof trimdek wave which has a high resistance to acids, chemicals and salt.

1. The first layer protects the roof from oxidation damage from intense exposure to UV rays, prevents the accumulation of dust and static.
2. The second layer is a special foaming upvc which reduce thermal conductivity and provide noise insulation. This will reduce the echo in the building and also reduces noise during heavy rain. It becomes an insulator, roof invideck not require a separate thermal insulation, thereby reducing overall installation cost and time.
3. The third layer acts as a composite coating that helps strengthen further material.

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