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PVC Pipe Rucika Wavin AW
PVC Pipe Rucika Wavin AW
PVC Pipe Rucika Wavin AW
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Pvc pipe Rucika known by the public as an answer to the problems of construction of plumbing, in the absence of the corrosion rate of the pipeline can be used on a scale of housing, hotels, hospitals in lieu of cast iron pipe.

Rucika PVC pipe was developed to meet the needs of the installation of water pipes in homes and buildings dating back more than 30 years ago. Pipes and connection appropriate Rucika Standard JIS Japanese Industrial Standard.

Pipe & joints using glue connection system, very helpful in terms of installation, making it an economical, easy and fast. It is used in the installation of pipes for water, sewage, drainage and pipe udara.Pipa this level of complete pipe diameter and choice of connections / fittings very complete with more than 250 items of products.

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