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Floor Drain
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Floor drain serves as the building's roof drainage lines, as filter rainwater / wastewater bathroom / downstairs.

Floor drain sizes that we produce, among others:
-to rainwater filter diameter 2 "- 10"
-to bathroom diameter 2 "- 4"

This product is made of stainless steel, but some are made of cast iron / cast iron and plastic materials / PVC.

Currently there are several kinds of floor drain, among others:
Floor drain commonly used conventional plain is divided into floor drain with mangkokan and there is a form sheet. Floor drain mangkokan shaped more expensive but more robust and durable when compared to the sheet-shaped floor drain.
Floor drain that can open the lid that serves to prevent animals and odor into the bathroom.
Floor drain with ball in center that also serves to prevent animals and odor into the bathroom but the water can still flow through.

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