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Flexible Duct - Flexible Duct Aluminum
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Are're looking Flexible duct?. We are a supplier / distributor FlexibleDuct / Flexible Duct Insulation Aluminum Size: Description Flexible duct made of layers of aluminum foil 4 "- 12".

Flexible Ducting Aluminum Made Of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Laminating Adhesive Bonded With High Quality And Reinforced with Carbon Corrosion Proof Wire Springs High. Designed By Just 1 "distance (about 25mm) Between Cable. Duct Fully Flexible, compressible and Air Line Extended. Establish Watertight Air, Easy to Use, Quality Air Channel. In addition Because Flexible nature. The need Elbow Omitted Allows To Ease of Installation is hard to reach areas That Cuts With Easy With Knife And Snips.
Maradon Flexible Aluminum Duct Coming In Two Series, Single Flexible (Fs-Series) Which Consists Of A Pet Layer Aluminum Laminate Made More Durable. More Popular Ducting System Compared With Other Flexible Ducting Systems Especially In Cost and Flexible.

1. Easy Installation For Light
2 can be bent into Configuration
3 Can Compressed Cozy Up For Shipping And Handling
4 Some Product Usage


performance Data
Diameter 100mm-300mm (4 "To 12")
Materials Available In Pet Aluminium & Pvc Film (Green / Orange)
Spread of Fire Less Than 25
Smoking Developed Less Than 50
Temperature range -120C -6C
Bending Radius Diameter 1X
Maximum speed 5500 F.P.M
Positive Static pressure 2500 Pa
Negative 125 Pa


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