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The solution is a Upvc roof Invideck Trimdek Wave Generation Next Who Developed For Residential And Industrial Supplies. Using Basic Ingredients Upvc, Invideck Has 3 Times More Effective Compared With Other Commercial Roof Coatings For 3 Different Profitable. Upvc roof is Invideck wave Trimdek Who Owns High Resistance Against Acid, Chemical and Salts 

Product Application Upvc roof Invideck: 

The roof of Chemical Industry 
Roofing Industry Offshore 

Specifications Upvc roof Invideck: 

Layer (Layer): 3 Ply 
Standard length: 2.0 M - 3.0 M - 4.0 M - 5.0 M - 6.0 M 
Standard Width: 118 Cm 
Effective Width: 105 Cm 
Wave height: 250 Mm 
Thickness: 3 Mm 
Weight / M: 6 Kg 
Expense Max: 80 Kg 
Heat Resistant: 60 Celsius 
Lining Color: White Doff 
Period of Product Use:> 15 Years 
Warranty: 10 Years (Terms & Conditions Apply) 
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