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Armaflex Insuflex Superlon Pembungkus Pipa
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Specification of

Packaging Superlon Pipe / Pipe Insulation 3/4 "x 3/8"

Diameter In: 3/4 "(19 mm)
Thickness: 3/8 "(10 mm)
Length: 180 cm

Superlon is a brand of insulation material. Superlon factory is located in Klang, Malaysia, is a manufacturing NBR / EPDM with nearly 30 years experience. Products produced mainly concerned with insulation material for HVAC. Superlon closed cell structure is able to withstand moisture efficiently to prevent condensation or condensation in the cooling system and engine cooling in general. Superlon also slows heat loss in piping hot water and other heating systems. Superlon protect pipes against corrosion and acts as a vibration damper main Superlon insulation black (dark) and tubular or sheet.

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